This is a No Bros gym. 

In an industry full of half-truths, empty promises, snake-oil salesmen, and silly b.s., we strive to shoot you straight with the unvarnished truth. And the truth is, you're ordinary. Sure, out there, you may be smarter, younger, richer, better looking, etc., but in here, none of that matters. At least, not as far as the weights are concerned. That barbell doesn't care how much money you made last year, what kind of car you drive or whether you're perched up in the corner office or you sweep the floors after everyone goes home. You can't buy a 500 lb deadlift. The only way you get stronger is to put more weight on the bar, a few pounds at a time, just like everyone else. It's patience, persistence, and a little humility. 

The people in this gym understand that. They are here to challenge themselves, to put their heads down and work towards becoming a little better than they were yesterday. They are kind, humble and respectful. They’ll help you celebrate your latest PR or pick you back up after a failed rep. 

We have no room for the attention-seekers, the egomaniacs, the grandstanders, the chest-puffers, showboaters, one-uppers, or the unbridled self-lovers. This gym does not exist to provide the backdrop for the latest perfectly-posed, half-naked selfie prominently displaying those “sweet abs" or that "squat booty." We’re not here to help anyone get more followers or likes or whatever meaningless metric they may be using to momentarily boost their self-esteem. 

We built this gym to provide a supportive, strength-focused, lifter-friendly training environment where ordinary people can achieve the extraordinary without all the narcissistic nonsense that plagues the rest of the fitness industry. And, if that sounds like a good fit, then we welcome you to our community.

But, if you're going to train with us, kindly leave your typical bro-ish predispositions at the door. Wear a t-shirt, with sleeves! Keep chalk on your hands, not in clouds of white dust billowing throughout the gym. Put things away when you're done. And, keep your cool. We're just lifting weights. No one wants to train alongside an overgrown two-year-old throwing a tantrum. Keep your head down, your ego in-check, and your training focused on strength and performance. Let aesthetics be a welcomed side effect. And finally, dear newly-reformed bro, we've got absolutely no problem with you banging out a few sets curls at the end of your workout, but, at least make sure you can squat more than you bench press first! Welcome to our No-Bros gym.

We'll see you under the bar. 

Sorry, Matty Ice; Not in our gym.