Welcome to the family!

HS&C is a small, private gym with a limited number of members so you'll rarely have to wait around for equipment or deal with the crowds and chaos of a typical big-box health club. Though we are one of the best-equipped strength-training facilities in Los Angeles, we are not a home for hardcore, salt-sniffing powerlifters or screaming, selfie-snapping bodybuilding bros. No big egos. No bad attitudes. Our members are ordinary, humble, hard-working people, that want to be strong and healthy. Everyone here is focused on building strength and pushing themselves, but the environment in our gym is intentionally very laid-back, welcoming and supportive. To read what our clients have to say, check out our reviews

Training options


Private Training / On-boarding

Whether you're a new lifter looking for an in-depth exposure to the Starting Strength method or a more experienced trainee in need of a technique tune-up, we have several private training options to help you get the most out of your time under the bar. 

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Group training

With our group training sessions, you'll lift under the supervision of our team of certified Starting Strength coaches who are on the floor to instruct, correct, motivate and guide your through every step of your training program. Though you'll train in a group setting with the support of other lifters, you'll move at your own pace through a workout that is customized to meet your specific goals. 

Group Training Schedule:

M/W/F - 6am - 10:30am & 5pm - 8pm
T/TH - 8am - 10:30am & 5pm - 8pm
SA - 4pm - 6pm

Cost: $199 - $299/month


OPen Gym

Tired of waiting around for an open squat rack, dealing with sub-par equipment, or or trying to avoid the sea of interesting characters and silly b.s. at your local big box gym? During off-peak hours at HS&C we offer key-card access to the facility so you can train with like-minded lifters on top-notch equipment in an awesome and supportive environment. 

Cost: $149 - $175/month