Joining the gym

HS&C is a small, private gym with a limited number of members so you'll rarely have to wait around for equipment or deal with the crowds and chaos of a typical health club. Though we are one of the best-equipped strength-training facilities in Los Angeles, we are not a place for hardcore, salt-sniffing powerlifters or screaming, selfie-snapping bodybuilding bros. We don't have room for big egos or attitudes. Our members are ordinary, genuinely cool people, that want to be strong and healthy. Everyone is focused on building strength and pushing themselves, but the environment in our gym is intentionally very laid-back, welcoming and supportive. 

Step 1 - On-Boarding

The HS&C On-Boarding curriculum is a prerequisite course designed to turn new trainees into confident, capable, self-sufficient gym members. Through this progression of eight one-on-one training sessions with a Starting Strength Coach, you'll learn everything you need to know to begin strength training effectively, including in-depth instruction on the foundational exercises, workout programming strategies, proper nutrition, gym etiquette, safety and more. Our goal is to ensure all of our lifters have the tools they need to train productively and handle themselves in the gym environment.  


  • $599 ($75/session) w/ purchase of 3-month gym membership
  • $1199 ($150/session) w/o gym membership

Staffed Hours:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    • 6am - 10:30am / 5pm - 8pm
  • Tuesday, Thursday
    • 8am - 10:30am / 5pm - 8pm 
  • Saturday
    • 4pm - 6pm

Step 2 - Gym Membership

After completing the on-boarding program, you'll continue your strength training journey as a full-fledged member of the gym. Membership at HS&C not only includes access our awesome facility, but also to our staff of certified Starting Strength Coaches who are on the floor to instruct, support, motivate and help you navigate the ups and downs your training. 

Membership Includes: 

  • Access to the best strength training gym in Los Angeles
  • Starting-Strength-Coach-supervised training sessions
  • Customized, regularly-updated workout programming
  • Basic nutrition counseling
  • Lots of coffee!


  • $299/month - unlimited training
  • $199/month - once a week

Private Training

Intro to Barbell Training

If you're looking for an in-depth exposure to the Starting Strength Method, our Intro to Barbell Training session is for you. In this two-hour private clinic, you’ll learn to properly and safely perform the basic barbell lifts that form the foundation of the Starting Strength program. We’ll show you how to warm up, how to choose your appropriate starting weights, and how to arrange the exercises into a productive training program that will produce incredible increases in strength, performance, and lean muscle mass. We’ll also cover basic nutrition guidelines and equipment recommendations so you’ll have all the tools you need to start training effectively on your own. 

If you’re serious about getting stronger, expert instruction from a certified, experienced coach will help you do things right from day one and avoid the common mistakes and setbacks that lead to stalled progress, frustration, injuries and wasted time in the gym.  

  • 1st Session (120 min) - From $295
  • Follow-up Sessions (90 min) - From $225

This is a one-on-one session. If you'd like to bring a friend or partner, there is an additional $100 charge per person that will be assessed at the end of your session. We can accommodate up to 3 trainees at a time.

Online Coaching

Don't live close enough to train at HS&C on a regular basis? Check out our online coaching options and let our team keep you on the path to progress - wherever you are.